Banksy brings 'Sirens of the lambs' to Glastonbury 20144
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Banksy brings 'Sirens of the lambs' to Glastonbury 2014

2020年12月5日 星期六

British graffiti artist Banksy's latest public art installation hit the New York streets in a video posted online
Banksy, a pseudonym for the elusive artist who first emerged in the streets of Bristol, England and whose real identity is unknown, unleashed a slaughterhouse delivery truck filled with squealing, animatronic lambs, cows and chickens on the city's streets, which was shown on the video posted on his website.
The truck has toured the Meatpacking District and will then go around the rest of New York for the next two weeks, according to Banksy's website.
Banksy has become a coveted contemporary painter in the art world, known for his trademark spray-paint stencils on buildings that offer social commentary. The artist appeared in and directed the 2010 Oscar-nominated documentary "Exit Through the Gift Shop" with his face and voice obscured.